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Monthly Assessments
PLEASE NOTE: Assessments are due on the 1st day of the month with a 10 day “Grace Period”. If not received in full by CVOA & posted to our account by the 15th of the month, a $35.00 late fee will be charged. When the total amount due is Not Paid in full by the 15th of the following month (Now 45 Days Late) your account will be sent to the attorney for collections, and legal fees will be added to your account.

Returned checks will be assessed a fee of $25.00  Be sure to include the upper part of your statement along with your payment to the following address:

Payments cannot be accepted at the office.

Please mail to:

Continental Village Owners Association
1395 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5311

CVOA Rules and Regulations


1. Uses of the common areas not specifically permitted under these rules including the use of common area for lounging or loitering are prohibited. Common areas may be used for ingress and egress to the units and to the parking areas.

2. The pool may be used during posted hours of operation for swimming and recreation consistent with the instructions of the pool guard or other person designated by the Association. Entering the pool area when the pool is closed or outside the posted hours of operation is prohibited.

3. The play area designated by the Board may be used during daylight hours for play by elementary school and younger children.

4. Common areas (including parking lots) shall not be used as playgrounds for any type of ball play, skateboarding, or bicycle riding.

5. The Association office meeting room may be used at times and hours for events approved by the Board of Directors.

6. No one shall use common areas in violation of applicable state and local laws and regulations.

7. Each unit may be occupied by no more than one (1) family. For the purposes of these rules and regulations, a family consists of one (1) or more persons, each related to the other by blood, marriage, or adoption (including foster children), together with such relatives of the respective spouses who are living with the family in a single dwelling and maintaining a common household. A family may also be composed of not to exceed two (2) persons not so related, provided that any such unrelated persons maintain a common household and a single housekeeping unit. A family includes any domestic servants and not more than one (1) gratuitous guest residing with said family; such servants or guests shall be included in the unrelated person attained by this definition, and shall not be in addition thereto.

8. Townhouse units in Continental Village shall only be used for residential purposes. For the purpose of this paragraph, a residential purpose includes home occupation practiced by a member of the family residing on the premises, and which occupation is incidental and secondary to the residential use of the dwelling; and in connection with which there is no indication from the exterior that the building is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose other than that of a dwelling. No commodity shall be sold upon the premises and no commodity intended for sale or use elsewhere shall be stored on the premises; no person shall be employed in connection with the home occupation other than members of the family residing on the premises; and no mechanical or electrical equipment is to be used except such as is permissible for purely domestic or household purposes including, but not limited to, computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. A professional person may use his residence for consultation, emergency treatment or the performance of religious rights. Home occupations, further, shall not utilize more than 25% of the total floor area of any single story in the unit.

9. No unit shall be occupied by more than two (2) dogs or two (2) cats.

10. Dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of the units and not allowed to run loose. Owners are responsible for the immediate pickup and removal of all animal waste. Any owner or renter who does not immediately pick up after his or her animal will be assessed in accordance with the Declarations and the Rules Violation Assessment Fees adopted by the Board of Directors. Any pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance shall be permanently removed from the property upon three (3) days’ written notice from the Board of Directors.

11. No outside animal shelters shall be permitted.

12. No clothes, sheets, blankets, laundry of any kind may be hung out or exposed.

13. All trash, garbage and other waste shall be kept in covered sanitary containers.

14. Front porches or stoops shall not be used for storage of any items unless authorized specifically by the Board.

15. Unit owners may not expand or permit any expansion of the original patio slab without prior consent of the Board.

16. Patios and yards inside fences must be kept neat and clean. Unit owners must cut the grass inside their fences on a regular basis and must manage weeds and remove trees. Storage of tires, old furniture, broken items, etc., is not allowed. Items that attract wild animals (such as pet food dishes) and insects (such as containers that can collect stagnant water) are not allowed.

17. All units must maintain proper interior window treatments such as drapes or shades. No newspapers, sheets, blankets, etc., shall be used as an interior window treatment.


18. Any unit owner who leases their unit must provide to the Association with a written, signed copy of the lease for the unit. Such lease must be submitted prior to occupancy. Failure to do so will result in the Association imposing a fine (see the Violation Fees document).

19. Each lease must provide that the lease is subject to the terms of the Declarations, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of the Association, and that any failure of a tenant to comply with the terms of the Declarations, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of the Association shall be a default under the lease.

20. Owners who lease their units are responsible for making sure their tenants are aware of and abide by all Rules and Regulations of Continental Village Owners Association. All fines issued in response to rules violations will be against the owner’s monthly assessments.


21. No vehicle shall be permitted in the parking area unless the vehicle conforms to all the requirements of the State of Illinois and its subdivisions, which would permit such vehicle to be lawfully operated on public roads. Vehicles that may not be lawfully operated on public roads include, but are not limited to, vehicles that do not have current city stickers and state license plates. Such vehicles will be reported to the Code Control Department of the City of Waukegan for removal. Vehicles not in drivable condition may not be stored on the premises.

22. No trailers of any size are permitted on the Association property except for the purpose of making a delivery, or for the purpose of loading or unloading contents from the trailer. No trailers may be stored on the Association’s property.

23. Vehicles rated over one (1) ton will not be permitted to be parked on the property or unit driveways except while making a delivery.

24. Each unit in Courts 1 through 7 will be assigned 2 parking stalls per unit. Each unit owner will be limited to the use of these designated stalls. Any vehicle parking in an unassigned stall will be towed at owner’s expense. Parking in Courts 8 through 11 will be limited to 1 space on their driveway and any available spaces along the center island.

a. Each parking lot will be restricted to the use of the tenants or guests of each individual Court except for the east side of Court 9, the east side of Court 3, and the parking lot at the east end of Brentwood Lane.

b. Parking in front of the Association office on the east side of Court 9 is not permitted during monthly Board meetings, to allow sufficient parking space for contractors, vendors, city officials, or others attending the meetings.

c. The Board has designated the area in front of each unit as a Fire Lane and a No Parking zone. Any vehicle left unattended for more than 15 minutes in a fire lane will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

d. There shall be no repairing, changing of oil, and maintenance of vehicles permitted on the property.


25. Owners and/or renters shall not cause or permit any change to the exteriors of their units, such as (but not limited to) window or wall air conditioners, awnings, canopies, TV antennas, plastic on the exterior of the windows, etc., without the prior written consent of the Board. No windows, pedestrian doors, patio doors, storm doors, storm windows, outside lighting, or changes to exterior design may be replaced or added without prior consent of the Board.

26. No fencing may be erected on any property without prior consent of the Board and must be in accordance with the approved fence specifications and color. Any deviation from fence specification will result in removal of the fence by the Board at the owner’s expense. Maintenance of fences is the owner’s responsibility, and fences must be maintained in good condition (no missing planks, no loose or falling sections, etc.).

27. The exterior of the fences will be painted in accordance with the painting cycle of each Court designated by the Board. The cost of this painting will be assessed to each unit owner. Unless the unit makes prior arrangements with the Board to repaint, repainting will take place automatically within the designated painting cycle.

28. All unit owners must maintain and be assured all sump pumps in their units are operable and discharging to the outside of the unit.

29. Any damage to the exterior of the unit caused by negligence of owners and/or renters and/or vandalism such as exterior walls, windows, doors, storm doors, garage doors and frames, steps, railings, driveways, landscaping, false chimneys, etc., shall the be responsibility of the unit owners. Any damage not repaired within a reasonable length of time after written notification from the Board will be repaired by the Association and the expenses assessed against the property.

30. Any unit owner or tenant whose child or guest willfully destroys or damages common areas such as fences, trees, lawns, signs, playground equipment, pool, common buildings, parking areas, etc., will be responsible for any damage and repair. The Association may add repair costs to the owner’s assessment.

31. No recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs, etc., shall be operated within the common areas of Continental Village. No bicycles, motorcycles, or mopeds may be operated on any Association property other than paved parking areas.

32. The owner of each unit shall keep the improvements located on the property insured against loss by fire and hazards including, but not limited to, hazards included within the term “extended coverage”. This insurance shall be maintained in an amount not less than the replacement value of the unit. Each insurance policy and renewal is to be accepted by the Board. The owner of each unit shall provide the Board with a copy of the policy and a paid receipt showing payment of all premiums. The owner of the unit shall give prompt notice to the insurance carrier and the Board in the event of any loss, and the Association may make a proof of loss if not promptly made by the unit owner. The Association shall be named as additional insured on the above-described hazard insurance policy.


33. Homeowners wishing to install a satellite dish must notify the Board of Directors of Continental Village Owners Association to obtain permission. Failure to do so may result in the Association removing the satellite dish and imposing a fine against the homeowner.

34. Only one (1) satellite dish per unit is allowed.

35. Satellite dishes are not permitted on roofs or attached to buildings.

36. Any satellite dish that would present a safety hazard will not be approved.

37. Installation of satellite dishes will be permitted in a manner that does not to impair the reception of the signal.

38. The homeowner shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the satellite dish and mountings (poles, brackets, etc.). Any satellite dish in need of maintenance, repair or replacement that is not attended to within 14 calendar days after written notification from the Board will be attended to by the Association and the expenses assessed to the homeowner.

39. All satellite dish wires must be buried deep enough to allow cultivation of grounds. The Association reserves the right to inspect the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of all satellite dishes and is permitted to require additional work to be done to ensure that the homeowner has properly installed the satellite dish. If any damage to grounds, bushes, trees, etc., is caused by the homeowner due to the installation, repair or maintenance of the satellite dish or its mountings, the homeowner must make any necessary material replacements at the direction of the Board.

40. Any financial obligations to the Association by an owner arising out of these rules shall constitute a lien upon the owner’s unit until paid in full.

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Continental Village Owners Association, located in Waukegan, Illinois, strives to enhance and preserve the quality of life and sense of community of our tenants and owners.


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